Friday, October 5, 2007

Robbed! Oh, the humanity!

I'm mad!

Mike and I stayed in the common dorm of a backpacker's lodge near the airport in Joburg a few nights ago, and someone took the opportunity to steal from our backpacks while we were out for dinner. List of missing items:
  • My favorite jacket - a soft shell from REI. (This jacket had served me well for years. It deserved a better fate than to warm the body of a thief. And it was expensive. That bastard...)
  • My sunglasses
  • My dirty SmartWool socks (???)
  • My candy bar (adding insult to injury...) - we found the remains of the wrapper near the scene of the crime.
  • Mike's pants
  • Mike's doxycycline (an antimalarial)

What's strange is that other costly items weren't taken, like a digital camera, an ipod, etc. This was one odd thief. Like he/she/it was very picky and only wanted certain items for his/her/its own convenience, rather than going for valuables.

Anyway, my faith in the essential goodness of human nature has been shaken. Watch out, world. A slightly more cynical Bruce is now out there. May all forms of bad karma fall upon the head of the thief...

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